EDGE Simple

The Edge unit is a premium showpiece that demands the highest quality components. Our experts will guide you through the design process to ensure an Edge experience that meets our audience’s expectations. View ad here. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.


         Pencil:               Desktop - 1170 Pixels wide by 30 Pixels tall (1170x30)
                                   Mobile - 320 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall (320x50)

         Expandable       Desktop - 1170 Pixels wide by 1000 Pixels tall (1170x1000)
         Area:                  Mobile - 320 pixels wide by 268 pixels tall

         Wallpaper:         2600 pixels wide by 1000 Pixels tall (2600x1000)

FILE SIZE MAXIMUM:  300KB (1170x1000), 80KB (1170x30), 300KB (2600x1000), 40KB (320x50), 50KB (320x268


ANIMATION/LOOPING: 15 Seconds (30 seconds if user-initiated), Max rate for animated GIFs is 5fps 

BACKGROUND: Transparencies Allowed (Expandable Area Only)

BORDER: 1 pixel border if background is white (Pencil & Mobile Units Only)

BRANDING: Client name or logo must be featured

CLICKTHROUGHS: Please provide with the initial ATOL submission to avoid a delay in the posting of your ad. Multiple clickthroughs allowed

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: If clearly-defined “OPEN” or “CLOSE” buttons are not included with supplied creative, default buttons will be placed in the upper-right corner of 1170x30 & 1170x1000 units and the 320x50 & 320x268 units

*SPECIAL NOTES: Desktop and Mobile ads will Auto-Open once per 24 Hours for viewers, then Auto-Close after 30-seconds. Campaigns run a maximum of 4 consecutive days.

 Innermost 1200x1000 pixels will be covered by web content 
Top 50% of image will be viewable without scrolling on most notebook computers  - Bottom 10% of image should fade to white or transparent pixels 
Wallpapers are background images, not standalone ads. They are meant to be complementary to other units within the takeover package. A logo placed over the background image is allowed. Excessive copy or imagery will be rejected. 



Short, direct message or heading 
Single, dominant attention-getting element 
A clear, concise call-to-action (CTA) 
Advertiser name or logo



JPG - recommended for static ads that contain photographs, graduated screens or several colors
Static GIF - recommended for static ads with solid or few colors
Animated GIF - recommended for ads with solid or few colors and only one or two animated frames
PNG - recommended for static ads with crisp text and graduated screens or several colors




Can my Edge have multiple click-throughs?
Yes, each slide on an Edge Slideshow can click to a different url. Multiple click-throughs can be added to the Expanded portion of a Edge Simple and the footer portion of an Edge Video and Edge Slideshow on the desktop ad. Due to user experience issues with the small click-through areas on mobile ads, multiple-clickthroughs can only be used on slides in an Edge Slideshow.

How can I get the reporting for multiple click-throughs?
We are able to provide reporting, but it is a custom request report.  Those can be requested though the ads@gatehousemedia.com group e-mail.

Can my Edge have Social Media feeds?
Yes, feeds for Facebook and Twitter can be embedded on the desktop ads of all Edge units. Please provide the URLs for the customer's pages for this feature.